Members with long memories will remember that I advised that an amount was likely to be provided to the Shed around November 21st in the region of $3019.00 for a new SawStop Saw. I had a call from Angie Bell, our federal MP for Moncrieff, yesterday afternoon to advise that she had managed to obtain us an amount which I think was $3391.00 but due to my exuberance, I may have got that a little wrong. Nevertheless, we have to wait for the official letter from the responsible Federal Department before we can place our order.

The famous Lions Christmas Cakes are back again! The Lions have sought our assistance in selling their cakes again. $17.00 for the large cakes and $13.00 for the small ones. Please place the money in the ice cream tub next to the cakes. If change is required, be sure to ask any of the committee to arrange it. Eftpos is not available for any of these purchases.